The Trustees of the Len Evans Tutorial are pleased to announce the formation of the Len Evans Tutorial Alumni. The Alumni will bring together all past and present scholars of the LET in an inclusive and open organisation to nurture the future of the LET. There is an annual membership fee which will assist in the operational costs of the LETA.

Goals of the LETA

  • To develop and expand each scholars network of contacts throughout the wine industry.
  • To communicate with and maintain a constant flow of information from the LET Trustees and LETA.
  • To have every past scholar a member of the LETA.
  • To raise funds for the LET.
  • To foster a community of scholars that is deeply committed to nurturing the present and future of the LET.
  • To appoint a member responsible for each state and territory to assist in communication between the LET and the local wine shows.
  • To communicate with relevant industry bodies and promote the goals, needs and aspirations of the LET wherever possible.


In the early stages, the following will be the focus of the LETA:

  • Formation of a database and directory of all past scholars for communication and access by all LETA members.
  • A restricted access website (forum) for communication purposes, linked through the LET website.
  • LETA is a non-profit and voluntary run organisation.